Specie Insurance

The objective of Specie Insurance is to provide cover for one of the most common and oldest risks: hijacking or, theft of cash and valuables whilst in transit or storage.

Benefits To Policyholders

  • Tailor-made wording for the industry
  • Excess free or low excess
  • This type of insurance is usually difficult to obtain by smaller clients
  • Risks covered under our policies are usually not covered by the general insurance market
  • Price fluctuations minimal and cash claims do not influence non-cash related premiums, as it allows our policyholders to separate high valuables insurance from their normal commercial insurance policies
  • Product suits high-risk exposures
  • Expert knowledge of cash, valuables and fine art insurance industry
  • The facility provides higher limits than traditional insurers
  • Access to and support of international markets with intimate knowledge of mitigating risks associated with our products
  • Excellent Reinsurance backing

Cover Provided

Cash / Valuables Cover
  • Cash /Valuables lost in transit either by:
    • Outside influence
    • Accidental damage
  • Cash / Valuables lost whilst in storage (Vault or safe)
  • Cash/valuables lost whilst in the custody and care of an Approved Security Services Provider

This is only a guide. The full terms and conditions are contained in the policy wording.

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