Gap Cover

Gap Insurance covers you for the shortfalls that occur when the rate that specialists charge for in-hospital procedures is higher than the rate at which your medical scheme pays. Even on a comprehensive medical scheme benefit, these unexpected shortfalls can run into tens or even hundreds of thousands of Rands. Supplementary Gap Cover provides essential financial protection from these unexpected shortfalls for in-hospital treatment, so that you don’t have to dig into your savings or go into debt to pay them.

Our competitive and affordable products  are unparalleled in the marketplace and the ideal complement to your overall healthcare funding portfolio.

Benefits To Policyholders

  • Gap Cover
  • Co-Pay Cover
  • Admission Fee Cover
  • Penalty Fee Cover
  • Day Hospital / Clinic and /or In Room
  • Surgical Procedure Cover
  • Primary Care
  • Consultation Benefits
  • Emergency Room Cover
  • PMB Cover
  • Cancer Benefit
  • Cancer Boost
  • Day-To-Day Specialist
  • Consultation Fee
  • Hospital Account Shortfalls
  • Preventative Care Cover
  • Sub-Limit Enhancer
  • Appliance Benefit
  • Step-down Benefit
  • Trauma Counselling

Cover Provided

Employer Groups

Gap Cover exclusively tailored for employee groups.

Government Employees

Tailor made solution for government employees who need to optimise their health care cover portfolio.

Families and Individuals

We provide cover for you and your family either on single or multiple medical schemes.

This is only a guide. The full terms and conditions are contained in the policy wording.

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