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GENRIC Insurance gives back on Mandela Day

New Jerusalem Children’s home

Our first stop was the News Jerusalem Children’s home which thanks to the initiative and drive of two sisters, Anna and Phina Mojapelo, is a place of safety for abandoned, abused, orphaned and vulnerable children. It has sheltered more than 1000 children since its establishment in September 2000. As the initiative here is largely around educating and improving the skills of the Children we donated paint and painting equipment and took a tour of the home.

Kitty and Puppy Haven

Our next stop was Kitty and puppy haven, also founded in 2000 which is a young animal sanctuary with the sole purpose of rescuing neglected, abused and abandoned animals. They focus too on educating the public on good pet care and have initiatives like their ‘blanket drive’ in winter. Here we got a little more physical and painted 2 walls, as well as donating paint and painting equipment, dog toys and beds.

Barking Mad – Dogtown

Who let the dogs out? Well, I guess we did when we visited this crazy shelter for dogs of all shapes and sizes because we wanted to walk some of them and clean their kennels. We also donated dog’s toys and treats and hopefully made a small difference to this great institution that rescue, rehabilitate and re-home abandoned animals.

Thanks Mandela

It was a fun day that entailed only a small amount of ‘labour of love’ and we came away grateful for Nelson Mandela’s foresight to initiate such a great annual project. No doubt about it, we left a little more grateful for our own children and animal’s well-being and knowing that next year we’ll be back!

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