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Auto F&I joins GENRIC Insurance

Dealership-facing UMA’s new insurance partner brings even greater peace of mind.

Underwriting management agency (UMA) Auto F&I has joined the GENRIC Insurance Company family of UMAs, adding to the encompassing range of products and services GENRIC offers its clients.

Auto F&I, which is now in its seventh year of business, brings a service concept to independent motor dealers that is custom-built around the customer profile of individual dealers.

It offers the full bouquet of insurance and non-insurance products for the Finance and Insurance Managers (F&Is) that are on dealers’ floors, catering for insurance and non-insurance products to dealer customers.

Among these products are mechanical warranty, tyre and rim warranty, credit life, top-up and comprehensive insurance, as well as non-insurance products such as scratch and dent, interior, and service and maintenance products.

Reciprocal opportunity for growth

Joining forces with GENRIC means that the Auto F&I’s mechanical product line is now underwritten by an A- rated insurer with an impressive network, and that has a reputation for personalised and made-to-order service.

“We saw a reciprocal opportunity to grow our business, as did GENRIC, not just through our relationships, but also through the business of insurance and broader aspects than insurance,” says David Horner, Managing Director of Auto F&I.

GENRIC in turn is supportive of this UMA because of Auto F&I’s robust and longstanding relationships with not only the F&Is, but also with the dealership as a whole.

“Auto F&I has a proven track record of understanding individual dealers’ needs and customising specifically for the dealers,” says Cornel Schoeman, Chief Commercial Officer at GENRIC Insurance.